Chakrabhand Posayakrit


by Elisa Van doe

May 16, 2018


I like to listen to Thai music, see Khon (traditional Thai masked dance) and Lakorn (Thai dance-theatre) and read old literature.

In his own words, Chakrabhand Posayakrit, the celebrated portraitist and painter whose themes are mainly taken from old Thai dance-theatre and literature, gives us a profound understanding of his artistic creations that are of fascinating beauty.

His abiding love and passion for traditional Thai arts have led to the creation of other art forms through the precise nature of his skill, expertise, imagination and his finesse.

The amazing artistic collection of his own creations includes Thai puppets, theatrical costumes and headdresses, elaborately decorated figurines known as palace dolls, small fully clad dolls representing classical dancers in graceful postures, dioramas of scenes from Thai literature with ten-inch tall figures, silk fans adorned with traditional art and other inventive artistic creations, such as set pieces, trinkets and scenery for his puppet theatre, exquisite paraphernalia for the dioramas of scenes from Thai literature, all of which are of fascinating beauty.

Every single piece of work is testament to his prominence as a Thai maestro who has perpetuated the Thai artistic heritage. He calls himself a ‘painter’ with modesty and never uses the vainglorious term ‘artist’ when referring to himself, yet his multifarious creations speak volumes as to their priceless and precious contribution to national pride in a way that is incomparable and unmatched by his contemporaries.

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